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We are a combination of brokers and assistants focused on helping you solve your insurance issues since 2013. Whether you need a simple dental plan, Medicare, Health insurance, or a $3 million life insurance policy we have the products and the knowledge to answer your questions.

Communities I Serve

I serve all of Florida, specializing in the Tampa Bay tri-county area. I am also licensed in Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas for individuals, families, and small businesses.


This is your foundation for Seniors to protect their health in their “golden years” With 4 categories of coverage we help guide you to what is best for your situation. Should your needs change we have the carriers and knowledge to find a better-suited plan.

Short Term Health

These plans are highly customizable and can be issued from 30 days to 3 years of coverage with national networks. Is it too much for the MarketPlace? Want Major Medical coverage? Just decided to become an entrepreneur? These might be what fits your needs. We can put one individual or a family of 6 on the policy.

Life Insurance

These policies have options so your family will receive a defined amount of money to survive without you and your income. This has evolved in you many options such as leaving a legacy, generational wealth, and using part of your policy to enrich your life while living. Let’s talk about your goals for coverage and your options. Always increase or get life insurance before a birthday and before a doctor’s appointment. Being a year younger and healthier can save some money.

Business Benefits

With about 44% of the US economy coming from small businesses we will help guide their benefit options. Keeping and attracting employees is key to running a business as they have demanded more benefits from their employer. We can help put together a package of health, life, dental, vision, accident, and more.

Travel Insurance

The world is a beautiful place, go see it. If you are going overseas you want an insurance product that will cover you in case you get injured or fall ill in a foreign country. The majority of health insurance and Medicare plans stop coverage at the US border. Part of the coverage makes sure you get back to where you left off in the US. This inexpensive product gives full protection to cover you just for the days of your vacation. Also good for missionaries and those going to school abroad.

Cancer Policies

These policies won’t prevent the disease but if you are one of the 1.6 million people each year diagnosed your policy will provide you a predetermined check from $5,000-$100,000 to do as you wish. You probably know someone who has been diagnosed and had financial issues added to the pressure to deal with this deadly disease. I hope you never need the money but if you do it is here to help you pay bills, buy expensive prescriptions, maybe fly family in town.


Besides a physical feature, your oral care does affect your overall health. Some plans include free cleanings, Orthodontics, implants, dentures, and more, and are available to work with many dentists. Most of our plans are PPO to appeal to most dentists and specialists. Need quick coverage with no waiting period. Maybe our discount plans are best.


You have seen the commercials with the duck, we focus on individuals and families as an affordable addition to your health plan. Many have noticed deductible and max out-of-pocket have increased tremendously. These plans are a small investment into protecting you financially. Imagine receiving a check to help with high deductibles, the mortgage, or food while you are recovering from an accident or illness. Don’t be the person who has to come back to work because you have no more PTO time or supplemental plans that can help with your cash flow.

ACA Health

Also known as the MarketPlace/ACA Plans/Obamacare. We will help you through the rules and regulations to make sure you are protected and receive your tax credits to lower your premium. These policies enable full coverage which includes pre-existing issues and 4 levels of coverage to make sure you get the appropriate coverage and the correct amount of tax credits. Doing this on your own can result in incorrect information and cost you money when filing your taxes. With almost a decade of knowledge let us help you navigate this while costing you nothing additional.

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