How To Arrange Fireplace In Your Home

Fireplace at home: arrangement and useHaving your own fireplace today means warmth, independence from gas and light, savings on utility bills, and the pleasure of watching mesmerizing flares of fire. It is near the fireplace that the light of hope remains in the darkest and most difficult times. Therefore, we consider it appropriate to tell you how to arrange a fireplace at home and successfully use all its advantages.

How to arrange it at home?

It is good if you already have a fireplace, or you are planning to build a house with it right away. It is very important to provide a place for it to strengthen the foundation under it and make a chimney.

Tips for the location in the house

The fireplace should be located in the room in such a way as to form a comfortable rest area near you. Therefore, you should never plan it in a passage room or corridor. Passing through such a corridor, some residents of the house will disturb the peace of others who would like to be in peace here.

You should not put a fireplace and a TV next to each other. The television spoils the chamber atmosphere of rest and peace, which gives the flickering of the hearth.

It is not installed near the door or stairs, opposite the windows due to possible drafts. A place for a fireplace is usually planned on the inner main wall. So that the fire can be seen well in any corner of the room.

According to the rules for the placement of fireplaces and fire safety requirements, interior items (wardrobe, table, or carpet) must be placed at least 1 m from the fireplace or 0.2 m from the fireplace wall. The room itself, where the fireplace is planned, must be at least 11 m2 in the area. And also must have a window that opens and can be set up for ventilation. Because large volumes of air are released from the room during the burning of firewood.

A fireplace located against an external wall can cause condensation to form in the chimney. To prevent this, thermal insulation of the chimney is made, which increases the cost of the structure. At the same time, the fireplace near the outer wall provides favorable ventilation of convection air in the room.

Rules for using the fireplace

When using the fireplace, be sure to close the heat-resistant glass curtain. If you need to open it, do it slowly. First, the shutter moves a little, then you should wait a few seconds to fully open it. Such a slow opening of the door protects the room from the entry of smoke. At the same time, we highly recommend wearing protective gloves to avoid burns. Disruption of draft and entry of exhaust gases into the room when the door is opened; is regulated by the amount of firewood and the diaphragm for supplying air to the furnace.

Picture Credit: Unsplash