How To Make Your House More Spacious And Brighter

Being in a dark small room is very uncomfortable. If you are familiar with this problem, this article is for you. Here are five tips to help you visually expand the space and fill it with light.

Get rid of the trash

Clean your house, eliminate all unnecessary. Old equipment can be sold, and clothes that you no longer wear can be given to those in need.

To prevent chaos from returning, use special storage organizers. Take a look at these drawers for underwear and hanging racks for shoes and clothes. They can be bought on the domestic market or in the online store.

Change the color scheme of the interior

The golden rule of the interior design of a small room: the brighter the room, the bigger it seems.

Black, brown, and other dark shades eat up to 40% of the space. If you want to visually expand the room, paint the walls in light cool colors: light green, sky blue, and others. The floors and ceilings should also be bright. If you do not want a plain gray or light brown flooring, then at least avoid large patterns.

The ceiling should be one or two tones lighter than the walls. It is better if one color goes into another without any obstacles.

Add light

Sunlight helps us to produce vitamin D, improves blood circulation to the skin, helps normalize metabolism and, according to a study by Richard Weller, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

The more light, the more spacious and airy space is perceived, and the better people living in it feel. In a house filled with the sun, there is no place for drowsiness, apathy, or a bad mood.

Large windows visually increase the space, small compress it.

Equally important is the proper placement of artificial light sources. Spotlights on the ceiling scatter light, visually making the room larger, sconces add volume to space, and tall floor lamps emphasize vertical lines.

Rearrange furniture

The less furniture, the more free space.

It’s good if there are tables with transparent tabletops or cabinets with glass doors in the interior: they pass light through themselves and visually expand the space. Soft furniture and wardrobes are best to be on legs: they seem lighter and smaller.

As for the style of furniture, country, empire, rococo, baroque and other heavy trends are suitable only for houses with a large area. In small rooms, it is more rational to dwell on the classics or high-tech style.

Many put the furniture along the walls, believing that there will be more free space. This is not always justified.

For example, if guests often gather in the house, sofas and armchairs are best placed around a table in the center of the hall. The main thing is not to block the doors and leave free passages.

Picture Credit: Unsplash