Is it OK to sit on your bed in outside clothes?

Is it OK to sit on your bed in outside clothes?We always try to look tidy and well-groomed in society, but outside the doors of our own houses we often allow ourselves some liberties.

Moreover, all new inventions appear for comfort. Recall that earlier we talked about underwear that can be worn for a month.

If you already have such useful wardrobe items, what can happen if after a long working day you give yourself a little rest and lie down on your bed right in your clothes? After all, movie heroes do it. But few people think that this threatens with major troubles.

We all live in an imperfect world teeming with germs and bacteria. Some people accept this and are not too worried about them, since most are not able to cause significant damage to health.

Others are panicky afraid of them and try to keep the house, clothes and things they use clean. They have several useful habits: changing clothes immediately upon arrival, storing jackets separately from other wardrobe items, and not taking items such as wallets or suitcases into bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

And on clothes, and on things that we use outside the house, there are always a lot of bacteria. It is difficult to determine what risk they pose in quantitative terms, but experts believe that non-compliance with basic hygiene rules increases the likelihood of contracting various infections, including those whose causative agents are “accumulated” by street or work clothes.

Is it worth it to change at home immediately upon arrival home, before you sit down on the bed or even in the chair? The answer is simple: yes. Every day we contact people who may be healthy in appearance, but this is not so. We do not know who before us held onto the handrail in transport or used a bill previously received for delivery.

Bacteria and germs “settle” on the surface of our skin and clothing. What exactly we could catch and how much time it is able to “live” in our homes is not known. The most dangerous are staphylococci and actinobacteria. The former cause purulent and inflammatory processes in almost all types of body tissues, the latter cause respiratory infections complicated by pneumonia.

Our beds are a kind of safety islands. We lay down on our sheets after taking a shower and fall asleep with confidence that there is cleanliness around.

At the same time, we forget that in the bed there are also bacteria, those that we carry on our own bodies. Is it worth it to “invite” there also strangers, brought from work, benches in the park, seats in the subway? If we want to stay healthy, then no. By the way, earlier we shared the opinion of scientists regarding what happens in cases when we wash the bed linen once a week.

It is difficult to change long-term habits, but when it comes to health, it’s worth it. In the end, changing clothes at home and washing your hands is only a couple of minutes, right? Did you have a habit of lying down right in your everyday life, and do you plan to get rid of it?

Picture Credit: Pixabay