Comparison Between Custom And Semi-custom Homes

Comparison Between Custom And Semi-custom HomesWhen you have decided to build a house there are two basic kinds of homes. First is a custom house and the second is semi-custom home. A custom home is a kind of property that is designed and built for a particular client. For building this property you will need to buy a piece of land and then get an architect and a home builder to build the house. While building this type of home you are required to make several decisions and spend a lot of time and research to build the house which will meet your needs.

A semi-custom house is a home where the house layout is basically predetermined by the semi-custom home builder. It means the buyer cannot alter the home layout but he will able to have a say in deciding some features including some floor covering and types of cabinets. The semi-custom home builder provides you a pre-designed kind of a house and its floor plans. You are asked to select the one that fits your preference the best. You can select the products and other features according to a budget set by the semi-custom home builder. In the event, you choose some product that costs more than the established amount you will be required to pay for the difference amount from your pockets.

Custom Homes


  • You as the owner of the house will have complete control over the quality and function of the new house.
  • All these homes will have a unique design and they are built for your needs.
  • All the products and features in the house will be selected by you.
  • The functionality and quality of the house depending on your choice.


  • Developing a custom home might prove to be costly if you have opted for quality products and exclusive features.
  • If you don’t have an architect you will need to consider extra costs.
  • It is more complex to build a proper custom house and it needs more time.
  • This may prove to be more difficult to finance the house.
  • This kind of property reduces in value quicker than the conventional one.

Semi-custom Homes


  • You will get a home which is in conformance with your needs without the hustle related to development.
  • The cost associated with finishing per square foot is lesser than in the case of custom homes.
  • You will have the opportunity to select features and products within a budget.
  • You can design the house as per your requirements and stay within the budget.
  • Many people feel safe to build a house that comes with a pre-designed style and flooring plan.


  • When you are working within a set budget you will be forced to sacrifice on housing styles and products.
  • The functionality and quality of the house will also be compromised.
  • Any modifications in the building will force you to spend more money than what was actually expected after discussion with the semi-custom home builder.


There are pros and cons associated with both types of a house but it is more significant to consider your specifications while selecting a semi-custom home builder. You will need to consider various things while selecting the home builder such as whether the uniqueness of the house fits your budget, you have a sufficient amount of time for completing the project. Vitale Homes will help you decide the type of home you want to build.

Picture Credit: Pixabay