Design Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Design Ideas For Small Bedrooms
Forget about the usual solutions. A little experimentation and the tiny bedroom will be filled with light, become stylish and airy.

Choose light colors

The easiest way to push the walls of a small bedroom is to choose light pastel shades. If there is not enough light in the room, apply warm colors. If, on the contrary, there is too much of it, choose cold ones.
Light for a small bedroom has a special meaning: the more it is, the better. Do not stop at one chandelier and bedside lamps. Highlight a picture or poster, put spotlights on the ceiling.

Set accents

Those who like to experiment can try adding color to their lives. A good option is to design an accent wall.
Choose a contrasting color or textile wallpaper with an original large print, cork panels or artificial stone, hang a large poster, a picture. Wall murals with a perspective (for example, a street or road going into the distance) are also good.
You can shade light walls with a laminate or parquet in a contrasting color.
Many are afraid of white walls, they believe that the interior will be breech. In fact, this is ideal for a variety of combinations.
You can refresh the atmosphere with the help of color accents (home decoration, bedspreads, pillows, rugs and so on), as soon as there is a desire.

Buy light curtains

Heavy curtains that don’t allow the sun, not only accumulate dust. They steal space. For a small bedroom, light, airy curtains (Roman option), fabric blinds of various colors with or without a pattern are good. They must pass air, because small rooms are often stuffy.
If you are lucky enough to become the owner of an apartment with wide window sills, use this chance! With the help of a soft plaid and bright pillows, you can arrange an additional cozy place to relax.

Experiment with glass

Mirrors, as well as any glossy surfaces, visually increase the room. The ideal option is to install a wardrobe with mirrored or slightly darkened glass doors in the bedroom. If there is no room for it, hang on the wall a large stylish mirror in a simple frame.

Choose the right bed

Many people choose folding beds for small bedrooms to free at least a few square meters during the day. But such a berth is not too comfortable. The bed can be classic, double, but without elaborate elements, a massive headboard and frame.
The Scandinavian style offers the best option for small rooms: a thin wooden frame, a very high-quality mattress, as well as built-in drawers.
If you choose a bed without legs, on a small podium, it can be highlighted from below using LEDs. It will seem that the bed is floating in the air.
You can find free space in the room due to bedside tables. Instead, hang several small shelves on the wall to hold everything you need: a lamp, a book, your favorite flower in a pot.

Be original

It is easy to diversify the interior of a small bedroom. For example, a classic wardrobe can be replaced by a lightweight mobile floor hanger. Small items are conveniently stored in decorative boxes placed on top of each other.
A good lifesaver is hooks driven into a wall. You can hang anything on them.
Embody any ideas that come to your mind. Bedside tables can be made from hemp or small tables. The mattress can be laid directly on the floor, and a shelf can be attached to the windowsill for storing all kinds of necessary things or a dressing table.

In general, do not be afraid to experiment!

Picture Credit: Pexels