Decorating with Accessories

Decorating with AccessoriesWhen decorating the flat, we start with painting the walls, choosing the floor and furniture. Then comes the time to choose accessories and accessories. Check what you can use and how to apply it.

Furniture accessories – what and how to choose them?
Bathroom accessories
Sticks, towel hooks, soap dishes, brackets for toothbrushes, a toilet paper holder, etc. emphasize the bathroom decor. Bathroom with a clean, expressive drawing will become even more sterile when you choose accessories made of chrome and glass. In turn, wooden, wicker and twine additions will insulate it and make it seem more cozy.

Living room accessories
In the living room you can radically change the appearance of furniture by exchanging knobs and handles. These small details will give them a very modern look or, on the contrary, old-fashioned. Similarly, changing the legs in a dresser or cabinet can bring an unexpected effect. It is also worth looking at the casings for pots or frames for photographs. They also give style. If we harmonize them (we choose the same color or material), we get the impression of harmony, when we decide on different colors and textures, the interior will take on a crazier character.

Kitchen accessories
There are a lot of them in this room. We need different utensils, shelves and railings. If, in the case of small appliances, you choose appliances from one design line – you will put order into the interior. The other additions are also worth choosing so that they fit together: if we decide on wood, then it should be wooden, and if it is for metal, then let’s look for such.

Accessories for a child’s room
In children’s rooms you need accessories to store a lot of necessary things: toys, books, drawing accessories, and collections. It is worth to mount on the walls handles, hangers, because some items can be stored in bags or bags that will hang on various hangers. Also useful are various baskets, boxes, plastic containers. It is better to choose light, then you can set them one on top of the other and thus save space. In the case of babies who learn about the world, security accessories are important, such as contact plugs, drawer locks, windows and doors, sharps protectors, etc.

Accessories for the hall
Hangers, shelves, chests are needed to use the maximum of space that is usually missing in the hall. The cabinets should be flat and high. Hangers can be mounted not only on the walls, but also on the doors or sides of the cabinets. In the hall, mirrors, stands for umbrellas and stools are also necessary. You will also find useful shoes, shoe cleaning accessories, and a shoehorn.

Picture Credit: Skitterphoto