Tips For Creating A Calm and Cozy Home

Tips For Creating A Calm and Cozy Home

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The environment has a great influence on us. When you look out of the window in the morning and see the bright sun and the blue sky, your mood rises, positive emotions arise, and it seems that there is a great day ahead! And if you see a low gray sky and gloomy clouds outside the window, the mood becomes depressed. The same applies to the environment – our home. The way it is arranged, the atmosphere in it, influences our life.

Cozy apartment – rest for the soul

Imagine a spacious, bright apartment with comfortable furniture, there are many colors, wall decorations. In a house where everything is arranged with care and love, we experience peace of mind, restore strength and enjoy the rest.

And when we live in a small, cramped room, filled with a lot of random things that do not fit together, then the mood will be appropriate. This situation seems to be not well-groomed, it gives rise to negative emotions. In this house you do not want to stay long. There is a desire to leave from it to where the atmosphere is warmer, cozy and favorable for life.

Each of us at least once in my life thought about his own home, how to equip it, arrange it. The main thing you need to think about before creating an interior is what mood you want to create in it. It depends on what emotions your house will be filled with.

Harmony in the house gives rise to positive emotions

Colors, patterns

First of all, you need to think over the color scheme of the interior. The choice of colors and their combinations is very important. All this affects the mood, gives rise to certain emotions. If we talk about style, it looks best when the apartment has one style. And if each room is arranged in a different style solution, there is a risk of disharmony. It is unlikely to contribute to mental rest.
Of course, if you have a large country house in 3 floors, then you can equip each floor in your key. And in a small city apartment style blending is undesirable, they can cause a sense of eclecticism and bad taste.

Choosing the color range of the room, we must take into account that light colors always expand the space, visually increase the area of ​​the room.

Especially good are warm colors: creamy, sandy, beige, light yellow, pink, apricot, yellowish green, etc. They contribute to the emergence of positive emotions, act as relaxing, resting eyes.

And cold colors – blue, lilac, turquoise – create a feeling of freshness and coolness. They are well suited for rooms overlooking the sunny side.

Interior, aged in bright colors – red, blue, purple, orange – looks spectacular, shocking. But from such colors you quickly get tired. Active, catchy tone is good for the living room, the reception of guests. They are also suitable for decorating a youth room, or for those who like creativity, new ideas. But for the bedroom they do not fit, with them a full rest will be impossible.

Dark colors – maroon, dark purple, dark blue, dark green – look noble, mysterious, mystical. But they reduce space, and sometimes suppress. But they create a serious situation and help to concentrate, so they are well suited for the design of the cabinet. They also like people who love creativity and original solutions.

Walls, floors

The best look smooth walls and floors, not overloaded with large and bright ornaments. Small pictures are preferred on the wallpaper. These may be specks, thin strips, small, low-key floral ornament.

Large patterns on walls and floors dispel attention and reduce space. The view from them quickly gets tired. There is one more important point: it is difficult to hang pictures on walls with a large pattern, they do not combine with them. Pictures, panels, photographs and other wall decorations look best on a low-key neutral background.

Flower patterns are well suited for a bedroom, a children’s room. And large geometric or abstract ornaments excite energy, promote active display of emotions, therefore are admissible in a drawing room where you receive visitors.

Interior styles

Interior styles

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Now one of the most popular and fashionable styles is minimalism. It is a manifestation of the modern understanding of beauty. It is characterized by smooth light tones. Walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, lamps are distinguished by simple shapes. In the interior there is nothing superfluous, it has a minimum of objects, nothing distracts attention. The room can be decorated with large paintings (often abstract), large mirrors, spectacular plants. The apartment, decorated in a minimalist style, is comfortable for living. Interior can be easily changed, transformed: rearrange furniture, complement wall decorations. The room, arranged in this style, is convenient for cleaning.

Another popular style is the classic. The interior created in this vein looks solid, conservative, expensive. Beige, brown, cherry, green tones are used here. The walls are pasted with wallpaper in stripes or with a vegetable pattern. The ceiling is light. Floor – parquet or laminate. Furniture is most often dark brown with bronze fittings. Lamps are crystal. Decor often uses bronze, brass (watches, frames of mirrors, paintings). The classic interior is quite convenient for cleaning.

In recent years, the country style is gaining popularity (“countryside”). He imitates the style of a rural house. This apartment looks warm, cozy, devoid of pomposity. It is not intended for show, but for its own, for the household.
For walls, a wooden sheathing is used (up to half the height), higher is wallpaper with a small floral pattern. The ceiling is also sometimes lined with slats. Ceilings are often used. Furniture of simple form, light wood. Lamps imitate rural kerosene lamps with details of metal or cast iron.

A characteristic detail of the interior of the country is the abundance of objects. These are benches, chests of drawers, shelves with ceramic and faience ware (jugs, dishes, bowls, vases), wicker baskets, indoor flowers, dry bouquets, etc. The interior in the country style is uncomfortable for cleaning, as it is filled with a lot of different objects.

The style of high-tech (“the latest technological achievements”) is infrequent. He is very effective and shocking, but he is cold, reminiscent of the laboratory. It is characterized by an abundance of smooth surfaces made of shiny metal, glass, plastic. Colors: white, black, light gray. Plus the interspersions of bright colors: red, orange, light blue. The apartment is decorated in a hi-tech style, it is convenient enough for cleaning.

Finally, the style is antique (antique). He looks rich, luxurious. Here the walls are light, wallpaper in a thin golden strip or with a small floral pattern. Ceiling with stucco molding. The floor is decorated with a light parquet floor, often set. The furniture is light brown, polished, with curved legs and bronze or brass fittings. Lamps are crystal. On the floor – light carpets with a floral pattern. For decor, expensive vases, bronze watches, figurines from porcelain and bronze, paintings and mirrors in twisted frames are used. The interior, decorated in an antique style, is not very convenient for cleaning.