Wood Bathroom Furniture

Wood Bathroom Furniture Wood Bathroom Furniture – is it worth choosing or not? Get to know the pros and cons of such a solution!

Wooden furniture for the bathroom is a frequently chosen solution. They look elegant and modern, at the same time bringing coziness and warmth into the interior. But how is the matter of their durability?

Wood is one of the favorite raw materials used in interior design. Wooden furniture and accessories give the rooms a warm and cozy character, and at the same time bring an element of luxury. Furniture made of this material (made entirely or decorated with wooden elements) is often also used in the bathroom. Is this a good or average idea?

Wooden furniture for the bathroom – a bit of luxury, like in a SPA!
Wooden cabinets in the bathroom look very elegant, and at the same time bear the severity of the tiled, cold room. Warm shades of wood are associated with a SPA salon, in which not only the body but also the soul experience fun. Such furniture looks particularly beautiful in a gray bathroom (or other with a uniform, cool color). Thanks to this, everyday rituals become a real pleasure!
But are wooden furniture for the bathroom sure to be a good idea? In the end, there is a lot of humidity and a higher temperature in this room than in the others. As you know, wood in combination with water swells and destroys. Is the same fate awaiting wooden furniture for the bathroom?

It is enough to choose the right type of raw material or properly preserve the furniture, as well as to follow a few important rules!

Bathroom furniture made of wood – how to extend their lifespan?

The first, very important rule is to avoid direct contact of the furniture with the wall or other furniture. Water vapor, which condenses on the walls, will run down, absorbing itself in the furniture. However, if we provide them with a breath, the wood will not swell. To do this, just leave a few millimeters between the furniture or the furniture and the wall. The difference is virtually imperceptible, and for the life of the furniture is of great importance.

Bathroom furniture made of wood

The second important thing is impregnating wood. In many homes, it is practiced to place cabinets for other rooms, such as kitchens, in the bathroom. Buy wood impregnation, protect it from moisture and paint, You can also use wood paint or varnish, intended for painting external elements. They will create a protective layer through which moisture will not penetrate into the deeper structures!

Also pay attention to mechanical damage – holes, deep scratches or detached slats. Repair them as soon as possible – such damage is for furniture as an open wound, through which bacteria get damaged destroying the tissue.

Avoid also placing wooden furniture near heaters and other heat sources – it also has a destructive effect on them.

Pour water or other liquid poured onto the surface, immediately wipe dry, and ensure that the bathroom is well ventilated. After each bath or shower, be sure to leave the door open.

These are simple but effective ways to extend the life of wooden furniture and protect them from the harmful effects of moisture!

Picture Credit: Aaron Huber, La-Belle-Galerie