Steps to Building Your New Home

Steps to Building Your New HomeFirst of all, you need to get an idea of ​​what you expect to see on your site at the very end of the construction. In other words, it is necessary to draw up a “project assignment”. If you create a house together with an architect, he will certainly help to do this correctly: he will advise how best to distribute the rooms on floors, prompt a convenient layout. In case you independently choose a standard project, a thoughtful task will save time and do not consider unnecessary options.

How to create a task for the project

Write down the full list of necessary premises – these are all the rooms of the future house, including storerooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms and halls. For each room, select the dimensions and add up all the areas. Now it became clear how you expect to see your future home. Often it turns out more than it seemed at first.

Now distribute the rooms on the floors. If in a two-story house the area of ​​the second floor is larger than the area of ​​the first one, it will not be easy to select a typical project, and the cost of construction will increase significantly. Equal floors are the most economical solution. In the case where the required area on the second floor is less than the first, you can think of high ceilings in the living room. In the language of architects, this two-story room is called “second light”.

After the task is completed, it will be easier to consider finished projects – there is no point in stopping at houses whose area is small, large or on projects where the set of premises does not suit you.

Choose a standard project or order an individual project

It’s time to decide whether you need an architect or he already did his job when he designed a standard house suitable for your family.
If you are lucky, and the finished project, it seems to you, fully meets your wishes, once again carefully study it.

– Look at the houses that are already built for this project. Try to go inside and assess the location of rooms – it’s much easier than to understand the drawings.

– A typical project that has never been implemented is a dangerous choice. The question arises, why did this happen?

– It is very useful to consult an independent specialist and ask to talk about the shortcomings of the chosen project. You see the advantages yourself, and it is not so easy to assess the weaknesses without a certain experience in design and construction.

– Please note that the standard project will have to be finalized. Each site is individual. Depending on the composition of the soil, it will be necessary to choose and calculate the construction of foundations, the height of the first floor floor will depend on the relief of a particular plot.

How to cooperate with the architect

Those who are less fortunate and who could not find a ready solution, there remains the only reasonable way – to invite the architect.

A few simple tips to help customers quickly achieve the desired result.

– Try not to discuss layouts without sketches, which give an idea of ​​the total volume of the house. Modern design is the creation of a virtual building that can be viewed from all sides, be on any floor and even fly over the roof.

– It is better not to ask the architect to make many options at once, from which then you will choose what you like. It is much more effective to discuss in detail the task, the features of the architectural style, the placement of the house on the site and the building materials, then consider one proposed option and do the next after discussing the first. In this case, each new version will take into account the shortcomings of the previous one. If there are interesting additional features during the work, the architect will show them to you.

– You build a house for yourself, but do not forget that a house is a property that you may have to sell someday. An original and beautiful house you will sell, but strange and ridiculous unlikely. This argument architects often lead to customers, and it does not make no sense.

Image Credit: paulbr75