How To Care For Your Yard, Lawn And Garden

How To Care For Your Yard, Lawn And GardenEveryone used to call trimmed grass a lawn. However, few people know about the existence of different types of ordinary lawn, and the fact that sowing lawn grass requires careful preparation.

There are such types of lawns:

  • flowering;
  • sports;
  • garden.

Care of your lawn depends on its variety. The process of preparing the soil for all types of lawns is carried out using the same technology.

The best time to plant your lawn

This is not to say that there are some specific rules for planting a lawn. The period from March to October is considered to be a favorable time to begin to design the lawn. Work on the design of the lawn can take a half months. They must be completed before the onset of the first cold weather.

How to prepare a land plot

The first step is to lay out the planned lawn, weed control and leveling. The whole site can be prepared for 4 weeks. Mark the lawn guided by the site plan. The strict geometry of the lines is not suitable for all varieties of lawns. Trendy lawns of irregular shape this year look simply amazing.

The site must be treated with a herbicide. Areas that are heavily weedy should be treated with herbicides several times with a break of 14 days. Newly grown spring grass has a high susceptibility to herbicides. The amount of herbicide depends on the type of chemical and how severely the area has been affected by weeds.

The site should be free of roots, debris, dry grass and level. You can avoid the appearance of weeds by covering the entire lawn with geotextiles.

Picture Credit: mschiffm