What Your Tongue Says About Your Health

Tongue, Health, and EmotionsThe tongue has thousands of nerve endings that are directly connected to all organs of the body. By looking at the color and texture of your tongue, you can learn a lot about your health and emotional state.

In addition to the fact that it plays a very important role in the digestion process, it can also tell about your state of health and your emotions.

This is because the tongue is covered with thousands of nerve endings that are connected to various organs throughout the body. When an organ is not working properly in the body, the tongue notifies us of such changes by its color or texture.

Pink tongue

Such a tongue tells us that we are quite healthy and lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle. This is a sign of proper nutrition and digestion, and this color of the tongue indicates that we are emotionally balanced.

Red tongue

If the color of your tongue is red, it can signal a problem with the health of the throat or internal organs, especially if the tip of the tongue is red.

Speaking of emotions, red tongues tend to be found in individuals who lose their temper easily, are irritable, or are not resistant to stressful situations.

Small ulcers

Such ulcers often appear with some viral or fungal infection. They can also occur as a result of vitamin A and C deficiencies and are a sign that a person is consuming too much-processed food, fat, and sugar.

On an emotional level, such small ulcers can mean that a person is easily upset by little things, constantly worries, and easily succumbs to stress.

This is also characteristic of those who feel anger that is kept inside them due to certain circumstances.

It is necessary to better control the hygiene of the oral cavity and immediately consult a doctor to determine whether the ulcers are not the result of some kind of infection.

Inflammation of the taste buds

This is a clear sign of poor nutrition. It is very important to follow dietary recommendations. Brush it lightly with a toothbrush every time you brush your teeth.

Inflammation of the taste buds can also be the result of experienced stress or difficulties in adapting to changes in life.

White tongue

This color is a clear indicator that a person has problems with the intestines and digestion. This condition can be the result of consuming too much-saturated fat or sugar and refined flour.

A white tongue can also be a sign of toxicosis, which is the result of toxins building up in the intestines and blood, and of course, can lead to other health issues.

It is very important to try to change your eating habits and try to go on a cleansing diet that does not contain saturated fats, processed foods, dairy, and all fried foods.

Regarding the emotional state, the white color of the tongue can mean a nervous and anxious state. Such negative emotions can provoke digestive problems and lead to improper functioning of various vital organs, seriously affecting health.

Smooth tongue

This condition is not only a nutrition deficit but can also be a sign of anemia. In this case, you should eat more foods rich in vitamin C and iron.

If we talk about emotions, a smooth tongue can mean that you are prone to depressive moods and are easily disappointed in everything.


Inflammation of the tongue can be a sign of low hemoglobin (anemia). Accordingly, the recommendations for prevention and treatment are the same.

A tongue that looks like a geographical map

So, a tongue with a geographic map on the surface is weird, isn’t it? Such patterns can be red, pink, or white. They can also be hereditary. But if they occur from time to time, it may signal an allergy or intolerance to certain foods.

Emotionally, people with such signs on the tongue are often very sensitive and extremely irritable and quickly become bored.

Have you checked your tongue in the mirror yet? Do you have no signs of health problems? Great! However, remember, as soon as it reports ailments, immediately consult a doctor!

Picture Credit: VistaCreate