Sedentary Lifestyle Is Dangerous For Your Heart

Sitting Disease: How a Sedentary Lifestyle Affects Heart HealthVarious studies and many doctors warn that a sedentary lifestyle is dangerous for the heart. Physical inactivity can lead to many consequences that will ultimately impair your health and quality of life.

The World Health Organization has repeatedly pointed out that a sedentary lifestyle is one of the leading causes of premature death. It cannot be otherwise, especially if we take into account that a sedentary lifestyle is dangerous for the heart, which is a vital organ.

According to various studies, prolonged sitting is associated with coronary heart disease. There are many risks to a sedentary lifestyle, as the health of this organ depends largely on exercise.

Today, experts consider physical inactivity a global epidemic. Statistics show that in some countries up to 84% of people do not have enough physical activity. Although much is said about the risks of a sedentary lifestyle, inaction is the most common type of lifestyle today.

Why a sedentary lifestyle is dangerous for the heart?

Cardiovascular risk is the likelihood that a person will have heart problems. It depends on two types of factors. The first is the so-called “constant factors”. These are age, sex, and family history. You have very limited control over reducing or changing these risk factors.

The second type is “variable factors”. These are circumstances that a person can change in one way or another and which are closely related to lifestyle choices. This is where a sedentary lifestyle is.

An inactive lifestyle can lead to the following problems:

The risks are quite real

The American Cancer Society has reported that sitting more than 6 hours a day significantly increases the risk of early death. In particular, this increases the risk by about 37%. In addition, women are at greater risk than men.

Another study was conducted only with men in 2010 at the University of Carolina. This study suggested that those who spend more than 10 hours a week driving a car may be at greater risk of coronary heart disease by up to 64%.

Similarly, a study presented by the Spanish Journal of Cardiology shows that the risks of a sedentary lifestyle for heart health are greatly increased if you sit for long periods without breaks.


The best way to avoid the risks of a sedentary lifestyle is to avoid inaction. Ideally, you should exercise regularly to suit your health and age.

If you start from scratch, do not forget to gradually increase the intensity of exercise to avoid injury. It is always helpful to consult a doctor before beginning any training program.

Science claims that people develop a habit when they repeat a certain action consistently for 76 consecutive days.

Once you have developed a healthy habit, set a goal of spending at least 30 minutes a day on moderate-intensity exercise.

The most recommended exercises are brisk walking, running, cycling, climbing up and down stairs, or other exercises like these. It is better to choose what you like to keep motivated. You also need to take breaks during the day to warm up a bit, especially if you work all day sitting. Get up and go for a short walk or take the stairs!

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