Tricks to Expand Space in a Small House

Tricks to Expand Space in a Small House

If over time you become cramped in your own home and the soul needs to expand the size of your house, then this article is for you! We are sure that our ideas for expanding the house and living space around it are worth noting.

Veranda-Dining Room

This is an all-season type of terrace, which allows you to expand the area of ​​the house, move here dining room or living room and use it all year round.

Traditionally, the veranda is arranged near the kitchen and living room, so as not to have to go through all the rooms to make coffee, and then just as far back to drink it on the porch. The veranda should expand the house well and give the pleasure of communicating with guests and loved ones. Think about panoramic windows on at least one side of the annex that will give you a luxurious look that can inspire you and fill your soul with beauty.

Barbecue-Summer Terrace

This method is recommended for those who are not ready for complex repairs, alterations, or completion. The canopy on one side of the house will expand the functional area at least for the warm season.

The terrace under such a canopy will look great with wrought iron or wooden furniture and will give unforgettable moments in nature, cooking kebabs and grilled meat.

This is a wonderful kind of summer kitchen, always complemented by a place to relax and eat – a holiday for the soul and the dream of a gourmet who can not imagine the arrival of spring without a smoky barbecue. Therefore, a barbecue will successfully expand your home and bring a lot of positivity into your life.

When building a summer kitchen with a barbecue, we recommend that you take care of the presence of sufficient open space, where you can enjoy the fresh breeze without suffering from smoke from the barbecue, and observe the surrounding views. It is good if the size of the summer kitchen can provide space for enough people. Then it will be much easier for you to gather guests without turning the house upside down.


A patio is an open courtyard in a residential building, surrounded by walls, decorative sides, or a green fence. The patio is an invention of Spanish architects, so it is so common in Spain, Latin America, and the Islamic world.

As a typical kind of terrace, the patio provides leisure in the fresh air without leaving the house. But there are important differences between the terrace and the patio. The patio is usually located in the courtyard, not at the entrance to the house, like a terrace.

This place is exclusively for hosts, relaxation, and leisurely conversations. And over the patio usually do not make a canopy, it is a completely open area. This is not surprising, given the homeland of the patio, where there are almost no rain and cold. Therefore, usually, such a place is equipped with upholstered furniture – sofas, ottomans, and chairs, that is, everything that allows you to relax in great comfort outdoors.


Completing the mansard – a great solution for adding living space. The mansard will not only give additional square meters but also give free rein to the imagination in its design. Sloping walls and windows that open directly into the sky – it’s incredibly romantic and unusual and this is the best place to arrange a bedroom.

Picture Credit: Unsplash