7 Non-Standard Ideas for Window Decoration

7 Non-Standard Ideas for Window Decoration

Home office by the window decoration

The window area is the brightest place in any room, it is ideal for work and reading. Therefore, you can use window decoration sills as a desktop, and under them, you should place shelves for stationery and books. Of course, for this option, instead of the classic window sill, you need to choose a countertop and fix it at a convenient height for work.

Sofa instead of a window sill

Sofa for relaxing right on the windowsill – where you can relax with a hot drink, contemplating the landscape. Under the surface of the sofa-window sill is convenient to place drawers for things or bookshelves.

Unusual cornices

It is easy to radically change the appearance of the window with the help of decorative elements. Eaves made of branches covered with paint, as well as carved wooden or wrought pelmets, look interesting.

The window for a functional part of the kitchen space

Alongside the window in the kitchen, it is convenient to place work surfaces and even a sink. It will be more pleasant to do household chores in a well-lit space, looking out the window.

Another good option: make a small dining table instead of a window sill.

Stained glass windows

If the landscape outside the window is not very breathtaking, and the room does not require special lighting, you can decorate the window with stained glass. Stained glass will emphasize the character of the owner and make the interior special.

Vertical landscaping

Instead of piling up window sills with plants, it is better to use the method of vertical landscaping. It is enough to hang a pot with ivy or another young plant on the walls of the window frame.

False window

If there is not enough window decoration in the room or the window is very small, you can cleverly simulate it with mirrors of a similar shape. They will give the room extra volume and visually expand the boundaries of space.

Picture Credit: Unsplash