Five Ways to Light Dark Rooms without Electricity

Five Ways to Light Dark Rooms without Electricity

The need for energy savings has increased in recent years. Therefore, it is worth learning a few tricks for lighting dark rooms without the use of electricity.

Most homes have dark spaces that need constant lighting. Although you can solve this problem with light bulbs, many people are looking for alternatives that do not require the use of electricity.

Secrets of lighting dark rooms without electricity

There should be enough light in all rooms of your house to create a calm and comfortable environment. However, lighting dark rooms can be a difficult and expensive task.

Fortunately, there are some tips that will improve these places in your home without resorting to electricity.

1. Choose light colors

One of the best ways to light indoor spaces is to use light tones such as white or pastel shades. These colors make any space bright and large. On the contrary, dark shades make the space smaller and darker.

Therefore, your walls and furniture should be light in color. To avoid overdoing it, you can add a little dark color with small furniture or small items such as pillows, low tables, and carpets.

2. Use mirrors to illuminate dark rooms

Mirrors help increase the projection of natural light in poorly lit rooms. In addition, they help to harmonize any home decor. Therefore, it is better to choose large mirrors with a light frame.

You can also play with different designs. For example, instead of hanging one large mirror, try using several small ones. You can also place two mirrors in certain places. The most important thing is that the spaces will seem bright and large.

3. Install the glass door

Have you thought about changing the door as a way to light dark rooms? Although it is a bit tricky and expensive, it is ideal for places without natural light sources. Glass doors allow light to shine from outside.

In other words, they perform the function of a window. There are several alternatives, such as ordinary glass or clear glass doors. Since the latter can be a bit more expensive, another great solution is to use a curtain so you can’t see anything through the glass.

4. Shiny floors

Shiny floors make dark or closed rooms brighter. You can choose white, pastel or light wood.

Glossy floors are a fashionable way to light dark rooms in your home. Just like walls and furniture, try white and pastel shades.

5. Light up dark rooms with a light hatch

Are you looking to take care of the environment and therefore looking for solutions to minimize electricity use?

If the answer is yes, pay attention to this idea. To illuminate the dark rooms in your home, you can try a light space – a kind of window that should be built into the ceiling to facilitate the passage of natural light.

In fact, it allows so much light to pass through that you don’t need to use electricity for most of the day.

Picture Credit: Unsplash