Useful Tips for Decorating An Apartment

Useful Tips for Decorating An Apartment

There is no perfect house. However, there is an apartment with impeccable decor, which residents choose according to their own needs and personal preferences. Every piece of free space in the house is a potential platform for creative experiments to decorate the apartment.

It is very important to learn how to decorate the house in such a way as to make it both cozy for family members and interesting for guests.

1. Give objects new life

If some items in the apartment you stop liking do not rush to throw them in the trash, because old things can get a new life. Old interiors can be used to make beautiful decor without spending a lot of money.

You can buy gold or silver spray paint and painting old interior items to give them a new, more refined, and stylish look.

With the help of silver paint you can change the following items:

  • flower pots and vases;
  • old toys;
  • photo frames;
  • legs of chairs;
  • glass or plastic bottles;
  • fridge magnets;
  • twigs of ornamental plants.

2. Decorate the house with mirrors

Try to hang mirrors in those parts of the room where natural light enters. The surface of the mirror will reflect the sun’s rays, and the room will seem much larger than it really is.

Another simple trick to decorating the apartment is to place a few small mirrors at the entrance to the house.

You can also use large mirrors in a minimalist style (with a narrow frame) and clear geometric shapes to make the style of the room more classic.

3. Use as many plants as possible

Houseplants are an integral part of every home because they not only delight us with their bright colors but also purify the air. Think about in which corners of the apartment you need to place live plants to revive the house.

There is another simple but wonderful trick: hang a few pots of plants in those corners of the house that lack life and light. You can also modify the pots yourself, decorating them with colored stones or sand.

4. “Rule of 3”

It is better not to place any interior items (photo frames, vases, mirrors, furniture, another decor) in pairs. Instead, adopt the “rule of three”.

This rule is easy to explain. The number three is perceived by the human brain as a small number. That is why three adjacent objects attract a person’s attention and appear to him not as separate interior items, but as a small collection.

If you choose an odd number of decor items, your guests will definitely pay attention to them. In this way, you will create the illusion of asymmetry, which is very pleasing to the human eyes.

5. Decorate the apartment with curtains

Agree that curtains and tulle are a very important detail of the interior in any room, because they are indispensable not only for protection from excessive light, but also to emphasize the color of the walls.

Depending on what effect you are looking for, it is important to consider the following helpful tips:

  • If you want to let in as much natural light as possible, choose transparent and light curtains (such as organza). It is such a thin and weightless material will help to fill the room with sunlight, while adding comfort to the house.
  • If you want to protect yourself from bright light, use heavy and thick curtains to decorate the room. It is better to give preference to curtains from linen or cotton of dark shades. In this way, you will be able to maximally protect the house from excessively bright natural light.

Picture Credit: Unsplash