How to Change Interior Decorating with Mirrors

How to Change Interior Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors have many benefits: they are indispensable in the hallway, dressing room, and bathroom, and in other rooms help to improve the lighting of the room and visually enlarge the space. Mirrors always complete any interior.

Mirrored walls

The whole wall, decorated with mirror tiles, mosaics, or plates of an aged mirror, is a beautiful decorative accent. It is especially appropriate in small and poorly lit spaces. Of course, next to such a wall should not be placed a heavy cabinet or a very bright object: the furniture should not draw attention to itself.

Make sure that the mirror surface is fractional: an ordinary mirror on the whole wall can be dangerous, and an overly realistic reflection of the room may only aggravate the interior. And, of course, care for such a wall requires a special – this is not an option for the lazy.

Set of mirrors

A great solution is to hang several medium-sized mirrors instead of one large one. So, over the console in the living room or hallway, you can hang three identical horizontal or vertical mirrors.

An empty wall can be decorated with a collection of small mirrors in different frames. Even if you can’t see your reflection and the reflection of the room, they will still reflect light, making the interior more interesting.

Sun mirror

The most decorative of all mirrors is the sun mirror, which appeared in the era of Louis XV, who, according to rumors, liked to look at his reflection, surrounded by golden rays.

Styles have changed, but the sun mirror has not gone out of fashion: it has often been used in Art Deco interiors, modernist designers have come up with many of its modern interpretations, and today no eclectic apartment can do without it. This is the perfect centerpiece – the central element of the room, from which you can build a very symmetrical layout. For example, hanging a mirror in the bedroom above the headboard or the living room above the sofa.

Mirror furniture

It is better to abandon the mirror sash built into the cabinets, but small furniture with mirrored surfaces will be a great decoration of the room. Don’t overdo it: a few bedside tables, a console, or a dressing table will suffice. Mirror furniture is best used in interiors with light and solid walls and floors. So it does not get lost in the background of bright patterns and a variety of shades.

Better not worth it

Keep in mind that there are places in the apartment where you should not hang a mirror. For example, in front of the front door: every time you enter the house, you will see your reflection in the mirror. And in the dim light can create a sense of danger.

Do not hang a mirror in the south room directly in front of the window. This will make the lighting too bright and the reflection of sunlight will hit the eyes.

A mirrored ceiling is appropriate only in a very high room and if it is a decorative move. And not the decoration of the apartment with a ceiling, the height of which is two and a half meters.

Picture Credit: Unsplash