12 Bathroom Remodel Tips

12 Bathroom Remodel Tips

There are two main areas in the renovation and design of the apartment: the kitchen and the bathroom. They are key, both because of their functions and the financial burden. In order not to overpay and not to redo the repairs, we have prepared tips for planning and arranging a bathroom.

1. For the rational placement of plumbing in a small area, it is necessary that the drain holes are as close as possible to the sewer. Note that the slope of the diverting communication must be at least one degree (or one centimeter per meter). Otherwise, you will have to install a pump for pumping.

2. Concealed installation for plumbing. This is done in order not to use valuable centimeters for pipes near walls, etc.

3. Auxiliary equipment (such as towel rails) should be placed near the riser: any angular “knee” interferes with water circulation, causing the temperature to drop.

4. Make a bathroom plan to scale and develop several equipment placement options. At the same time, remember about doors and hatches – you need to leave space for them.

5. Choose compact plumbing or dual-function equipment. For example, there are sinks that can be mounted above washing machines.

6. Choosing between a bath and a shower is your personal choice. But if you choose a shower, you need to pay attention to its design: the door that opens to the outside will take up a lot of space, but they are easier to care for.

7. Pay attention to the height of the shower tray: without the correct tilt, the water will stagnate.

8. Use light colors in the design: white horizontal tiles will give the effect of expanding and enlarging the room.

9. Also, consider the shape of the tile: large will violate the proportions of the room, and too small a mosaic will psychologically complicate the perception of space.

10. Avoid ornaments and dark colors on the walls, instead, use them on the floor. This will not only make the room look more spacious but also more interesting to the eye.

11. Mirrored surfaces also increase space. But remains the question of their care.

12. Light is the last but most important element. Place the lamps not only in the ceiling but also in the upper and side parts of the mirror.

Picture Credit: Unsplash