How To Arrange A Bedroom

How To Arrange A Bedroom

Let’s understand what creates a pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom.


When planning, try to place the bedroom to the east, preferably with a beautiful landscape. Then you will wake up under the rays of the rising sun and will be enjoying the scenery.

Practically will be planing a bathroom next to the bedroom. The normal option is to the entering to the bathroom two steps from the bedroom. Place a dressing room in the bedroom: it will deprive you of closets and unnecessary thoughts about storing things, plus you can dress in there so as not to disturb those who sleep. The dressing room can be an intermediate area between the bedroom and the bathroom.


We need a bedroom for a good night’s sleep and a pleasant awakening to be feeling refreshed during the day. It is the place that we see before we close our eyes and before we start the day. Therefore, fill the bedroom with beautiful and pleasant items.

Functional elements should also be pleasant: curtains, bed linen, vases, candlesticks. It is desirable to hang curtains made of natural fabrics and to have two types: light, which transmits light, and heavy, which protect from it. If the working day is irregular and you have to sleep during the day, you will need to have the blackout curtains, which completely block the light.


Carefully arrange the furniture to make the bedroom cozy and safe.

First, the routes between the functional areas should be as convenient, direct, and unobstructed as possible.

Secondly, in order not to suffer from temperature changes, do not put the bed over, close to the window, heating equipment, and air conditioning.

There should be a place next to the bed where it will be convenient to put the little things that you take in hand before going to bed or after waking up. It is not necessary to put bedside tables on both sides, sometimes it gives the impression of a hotel. On one side you can put a bedside table, and on the other – a small table or low chest of drawers.

It is better to place the bed in the center of the wall so that access to it is two-way. It’s great if you can put it in front of the window: you can admire the scenery immediately after waking up. If this is not possible, you can put a mirror in front of the window to reflect light and make the room more spacious and brighter.


Incandescent lamps illuminate the face well and do not irritate the eyes. Local lighting is also required: for reading in bed, put table lamps or spotlights that can be adjusted. This way you will not interfere with the rest of the other person in the bedroom. If the room has a chair or sofa, it is good to install a floor lamp nearby.

Install an additional light switch next to the bed so that you do not have to get out of bed.

Color style

Pleasant, romantic, and cozy bedrooms are typical of oriental style. It is recommended to choose pastel shades and avoid bright ones that seem to irritate the eyes. But do not agree with that. Very nice look like bedrooms in shades of blue, this color soothes and promotes good sleep, lowers blood pressure, and slows the heartbeat. But first of all, listen to yourself, who knows, maybe you need red for vigor.

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