Small Room Arrangement: 7 Common Mistakes

Small Room Arrangement: 7 Common Mistakes

You should not think that small rooms can not be well arranged. All you need to do to make effective use of free space – do not make critical mistakes when arranging a small room.

Typical mistakes when arranging a small room, which should be avoided

1. Refusal to store things on the shelves

In small rooms, there is very little free space on the floor, so it is necessary to use not only the floor but also the walls. Wall shelves and organizers will be a great solution for storing books, decor items, and other details for which you still could not find a place in your home.

Another way to solve the problem of limited space is to use the attic. That’s where you can store boxes of shoes or old clothes for which there is no extra space in your home.

2. Refusal to use mirrors

It is no secret that mirrors have the ability to reflect light. Also, they visually enlarge the space. Do not be afraid to use large mirrors when arranging a small room, or you can place a few smaller mirrors in the house.

3. Wrong choice of furniture

Note, that this error is one of the most common when arranging a room. The right choice of furniture is really quite a difficult task because it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the room and the needs of all residents of the house.

The first task that needs to be solved when arranging a small room is to choose the furniture that you need the most and give up the ones that you are unlikely to use.

It is better to give up decor items, without which you can do without. A good choice would be to buy custom furniture because this way you can take into account all the features of your room.

The general rule to follow when arranging furniture is to organize the free space so that you can move freely around the room and not feel any restrictions or discomfort.

Do not be afraid to place furniture in the middle of the room, because this way you can divide the free space into several sectors. This will improve the functional content of the room.

4. Blocking natural light sources

A small room will look even worse if you place the light sources in it incorrectly. First of all, you need to make sure that the room will get enough natural light.

Do not use heavy curtains. It is better to choose light curtains made of thin material. The design of curtains in small rooms should be minimalist. The best choice, in this case, will be Roman blinds.

5. Fear of using bright colors

Most people are afraid that bright colors will not fit into small rooms.

However, in reality, this is not true.

You can use a combination of bright colors to emphasize the atmosphere and draw attention to your room, emphasizing its benefits.

Professional designers recommend using no more than three shades, preferably one color.

6. Using too small rugs

This idea may seem controversial, at first glance, but if you own a small apartment, the location of the rug in the center of the room will help solve the problem. On top of the rug, you can place a comfortable sofa or a nice coffee table.

7. Wrong location of the bed

If you do not know how to properly place the bed in the bedroom, first of all, remember one simple truth: the bedroom is designed to relax. Of course, the main feature of the bedroom is the presence of a bed for a good night’s rest. The first thing to consider when arranging a small room is the correct location of the bed.

Assess all the main factors without which it is difficult to imagine a bedroom, namely:

  • proper lighting and ventilation
  • good-looking rug
  • comfortable bedside tables.

These items create comfort in the room. According to the teachings of feng shui, the bed should be placed in front of the door. Do not forget that the headboard should be quite massive.

Note, that you should not place the bed in front of a window.

Picture Credit: Pexels