How To Buy The Best Kettle For Your Kitchen

How To Buy The Best Kettle For Your KitchenCeramic kettle: electric or gas. What are the properties, advantages and disadvantages?
Ceramic teapots can turn ordinary everyday objects into something extraordinary. Ceramics is associated with elegance, but also traditional design, which will fit into many kitchen arrangements. The only thing left is to choose: an electric kettle or gas?

Ceramic teapots – advantages and disadvantages
Kettle is essential equipment that we use many times each day. That is why among the rich market offer it is worth choosing the one that will be the most practical, reliable and at the same time energy-saving.

Ceramic kettles combine everything that design enthusiasts value: functionality and beautiful workmanship. Their appearance resembles traditional tea pots, which occur in various designs and colors. The ceramic jug looks great, attracts attention, although in terms of operation it does not differ from electric kettles from plastic or kettles enameled for gas. The exception is the taste of water – it does not enter into any reactions with ceramics, which makes it tastier.

Of course, a ceramic teapot has its drawbacks too: compared to stainless steel, it is easier to damage, break or scratch, although buying a more expensive version, we can be sure that it will be more resistant to scratches than enamel. For some people, the disadvantage of a kettle is also the weight of the kettle – usually more than 2.20 lb.

Ceramic kettle for gas
When looking at ceramic kettles for gas, first pay attention to the appropriate designation: are they intended for an induction, gas or electric kitchen. Let’s choose the model suitable for the heating plate in the kitchen.

A ceramic teapot has several advantages that make it work better than a stainless steel or carbon steel kettle. Above all, it keeps the heat for a long time, it is completely safe for health (it does not corrode) and it is easy to keep it clean.
Ceramic kettles for gas will serve us for a long time, so it is worth paying a little more for them and be sure that the water will be boiled in the healthiest way possible.

Electric ceramic kettle
It is a real hit on the market. There are a lot of reasons – the ceramic cordless kettle does not heat up, it’s easy to keep it clean and it guarantees a great taste of water. When buying a ceramic kettle, it is worth paying attention to its power – the higher (ex. 2500 W), the faster it boils water, although it is worth knowing that it will consume more electricity.

An electric ceramic kettle is usually equipped with a plate heater that allows to boil even a small amount of water. An additional advantage is the rare necessity of descaling the kettle (in contrast to the spiral heater, on which the stone settles in a flash).

Ceramic cordless kettles impress with the number of designs and colors – these are real pearls that will decorate the kitchen. Some of them refer to ceramics from the 1950s and very fashionable art style. If the kitchen is ultra-modern, we can easily choose a ceramic kettle reminiscent of, for example, white tiles, fantastically reflecting the light. Probably the selection of the most beautiful kettle design will be a challenge – the choice is huge!

An additional advantage of a ceramic electric kettle is a comfortable, large handle, a precise thermostat and a water level indicator.

Ceramic kettle
Ceramic teapots enjoy a lot of popularity, despite their weight and higher price. If you are wondering whether to choose a gas or wireless option, consider whether increasing the electricity bill will be a problem for you. The gas option will always be cheaper, although you’ll have to wait a little longer for water. A traditional ceramic teapot means lower costs of use, but at the same time fewer designs and shapes to choose from.

An electric kettle will be an ideal solution for people who value their time, and the kettle will turn itself off after boiling water, so we do not have to “watch over” it. Additionally, you can take it on a journey!

Is the choice easier? Due to the shapes and patterns of teapots, everyone will have to think for a while longer, but it’s worth remembering one thing – boiled water in a ceramic teapot is always good for us.

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