Expert Tips on Cleaning Every Type of Furniture You Own

Expert Tips on Cleaning Every Type of Furniture You Own Experts advise: how to care for wooden furniture?

Wooden furniture is associated with luxury, but also with nature and solidity. Many people decide to decorate the interior, in which the main role is played by wood, and above all furniture made of this material. They are durable and durable, however, to be able to use them as long as possible, they should be properly cared for.

Wood is one of the oldest building materials known to people, as well as raw materials for the production of interior decoration elements. Wooden furniture is universal, durable, associated with luxury, but also with health. They give character to arrangements, making interiors unique. Wood is a natural raw material, which is why it requires special care. Experts advise to apply a few basic treatments so that wooden furniture will be well cared for and serve for many years.

How do you clean wooden furniture?

Wood is a relatively soft material, which is why it is easy to scratch it and damage its structure. That is why it is very important to use only soft cloths for cleaning. The best will be those made of natural fibers. The furniture should be wiped dry after cleaning, also using soft fabrics for this purpose. For care, for example, a chamois, a sponge covered with thin sheep’s skin, is ideal.

Oil and wax, but not water

Wood does not like water – it reacts badly to it, it is destroyed more quickly. Therefore, the wooden cleaning of wooden furniture should only be done using a slightly moistened cloth and be carried out as rarely as possible. The humidity of rooms where wooden furniture is also important is equally important. It should not be less than 40% (this will cause cracks), but also greater than 60%.

Only preparations clearly marked as those intended for wooden surfaces can be used for cleaning – they will not damage the wood.

The care of wooden furniture is determined by the oils and waxes, preferably the natural ones. It is these substances that form a layer on wooden surfaces that protects them from external factors, giving them a shine.

care of wooden furniture

How to cultivate oiled, waxed and varnished furniture?

The method of cleaning and care should be chosen according to the type of wooden furniture. Otherwise, the furniture is waxed, oiled, and even differently those that have been covered with varnish. Generally, in most cases, the principle is used – for the care of the wooden surface, use the substance that was used to cover it.

If the interior is ruled by antiques or waxed furniture, care should be preceded by thorough wiping of the surface with dust. Once the furniture has been vacuumed, you can polish it. A cotton cloth and wax are necessary for this. Wax will penetrate the surface of the furniture best when applied with circular movements. If harder to remove dirt on the antiques or waxed furniture, you can deal with them using a chamois moistened with water with a minimal addition of spirit vinegar.

In the case of oiled furniture, they should be cultivated using the same oil used for their production. The oil should be soaked in a clean, soft cloth and wipe the wooden surface.

Which furniture is the hardest to keep in good condition?

The most difficult to care for are varnished furniture. Here you have to be very careful in the selection of cleaning substances. The moist cloth moistened with water will be the best solution. If harder dirt appears on the painted surfaces, the way you can use them is to use dish washing liquid or liquid soap – it is important, however, to use a very small amount. Sometimes there are dirt that requires the use of denatured alcohol. It is worth remembering not to pour it directly on the surface of the piece of furniture, but only slightly soak the cloth. After cleaning, it is necessary to dry the furniture. In the case of varnished furniture, the most important is moderation – the less the cleaning substance, the better. For even better care, the furniture should be finally polished with beeswax.

It is worth ordering furniture care every few years using a professional company. However, if you do not want to cause permanent damage, check the information on the protection of this material on the website of the manufacturer from whom we purchased the furniture.

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