Creative Ideas For How to Use Wallpaper

Creative Ideas For How to Use WallpaperBefore starting to repair professional designers determine all the parameters of the room, namely the height of the ceilings, the presence of windows, and, of course, are repelled from the illumination of the room. The main task in designing a poorly lit room is to make it lighter, but a small room, for example, visually enlarge. Any flaw in the apartment, if it exists, can be easily and competently changed with the help of even inexpensive wallpapers, the main thing is to combine them correctly.

Combining the wallpaper allows you to create in the room a unique comfort, as well as give it an amazing originality. You do not need to be a skilled designer, but rather spend very little time studying the material and colors. This article is fully devoted to all important aspects of combining wallpaper during repairs, and names how to combine wallpapers of different colors and not upset the balance, therefore, having studied it, you can easily create a real masterpiece in your apartment without inviting interior designers.

How to combine wallpaper?

Not so long ago, in many houses it was decided to use only one type of wallpaper, which was then hung with paintings, carpets and made of large furnished walls. Today it is all in the past and, having come to the store, you can see several types of wallpaper coatings that perfectly fit each other, so you can easily work with them even a non-professional, and you can find out how to combine different wallpapers on the Internet.

For a combination, you can select almost any material, it can be of a different color or texture, but it is necessary to harmonize with each other. Thanks to the combination, it is possible to divide one room into two zones, in such a way, as if to increase not only the space, but its functional properties. Designers often like to allocate special areas, for example, the wall on which the TV hangs, they make it more often light, decorating with various shelves. Kitchens are also divided into work and dining areas, which looks quite harmonious and it is nicely located for a long time.

If you approach this type of decoration competently and carefully, you can turn all the flaws of an apartment into advantages. Cheap wallpapers can be combined with more expensive ones, in this case you will save your savings, and at the same time amazing decorative coatings will flaunt on the walls of the apartment, the main thing is to try to find them in one color range.

In the combination, it is not necessary to use only wallpaper, you can also experiment with a variety of colors, natural decorative coatings of bamboo or Venetian plaster. In this case, the repair will cost much more, so many in order to save a little use wallpaper at a lower cost than decorative items.

Note the main advantages of this type of design in the room:

  • Will hide all the flaws. Choosing a wallpaper with an interesting pattern, you can throw a point of focus on them, thus distracting attention from unnecessary angles. To increase the area of the room or lighten it, you can glue the light wallpaper, and lengthen the room with low ceilings thanks to coatings with horizontal stripes.
  • The division of the room into two zones. When the room allows you to divide the room into two zones, you can resort to the easiest way – using wallpaper. For example, a children’s room can be quite simply divided into two zones, for a boy and a girl. Thanks to the wallpaper, you will create for everyone their own personal area where the child will store their toys, as well as sleep and do homework. The living room can be divided into a recreation area and a dining room, where it will be nice to receive guests, here you can immediately sit at the table, enjoy a delicious dinner, and then switch to soft sofas for an interesting chat.
  • Creating an amazing and interesting interior, where all the most important elements of the room will be emphasized.

Ways to combine wallpaper
To make it easier for you to understand how to combine the wallpaper, consider a few options that are often used by professional designers.

  • Vertical bars. To create such a design, you need wallpapers of the same texture and width, but their color gamut is different, but harmonious with each other. Today, there are special color schemes that help to correctly combine colors to create literate color shades. To get the long-awaited effect, the wallpaper should be alternated one after another, or, for example, through two or three stripes. Thanks to the visual effect, the room will expand and become more interesting. Of course, the whole room should not be done this way, but it is better to dilute it with plain coatings and interesting decorative elements. This is the most popular and easiest way to wallpaper your walls.
  • Horizontal wall separation. Often this method is used to create classic interiors, where the upper part consists of wallpaper, and the lower part is made of natural materials, such as wood. It looks very impressive, especially if everything is done in the same style and carefully, without unpleasant blots. You can also share and just wallpaper, for example, the bottom in dark colors, and the upper part in the light, the joints between them are sealed with special decorative borders. It is possible to select wallpaper coverings for any taste, they can be with various patterns, but they must be in harmony with each other. As the borders for the joints, you can use baseboards for ceilings, or molding of polyurethane, as well as simple paper decorative elements.
  • Effects with a visual orientation. For this method, use wallpaper with geometric patterns that help visually change the parameters of the room.
  • Wall for accent. A fairly simple view, in this case, you need to glue only one wall, for example, where the TV hangs, there is a fireplace or an object that needs to be allocated in this particular room. It can be made simple without pictures or, on the contrary, it can be selected with the help of expensive wallpapers with elegant textures.
  • Point of focus. In this way, as well as the accent wall, you can select one side, not completely glue, and make only a small part of it. In this way, you can select the necessary item, for example, a reading chair, antique furniture or a small coffee table with two chairs.
  • With the help of wallpaper, you can make a separate decorative element that will make the dull walls more interesting. To do this, a small piece of wallpaper, for example, in the form of a square, is glued onto the wall, and around it there are decorative frames or moldings, which are subsequently painted in the desired color. A simple and easy way to achieve a classic style in the interior.
  • Patchwork method. Enough painstaking, but an interesting kind of combination. To create such an original way, you will need several types of wallpaper with colors that are in harmony with each other, then cut them into pieces of different sizes, they can be either large or small. You can stick them as you like, everything depends on your taste, and in the end you get an improvised patchwork quilt on the wall.
  • Making niches and protrusions. If the apartment has any projections or niches, they can be distinguished by making it more noticeable and interesting. Thanks to a wide choice of wallpaper, you can create a separate element from them, where you can make shelves and arrange souvenirs or beautiful dishes.
  • If you decide to combine wallpaper of different colors, then remember that very bright colors should be combined with neutral surfaces.
  • When buying a wallpaper, carry with you the opposite piece of material, so it will be easier for you to choose the right match for it by color and texture.
  • Wallpapers should be of the same thickness so that the joints are smooth and your repair becomes neat and attractive. If they are different, then such a decision will become noticeable and all your work will be flawed. To do this, try to choose wallpapers from the same collection; today there are quite a lot of such options, different colors and patterns.
  • When sticking wallpaper in a horizontal way, they should be measured from the floor, and glue should be started from the top strips, but the bottom should not be finished.
  • The average height of the lower part of the horizontal combination often reaches one meter with the standard size of the room, if the ceilings are high, then the border of the wallpaper increases to one and a half meters from the floor.

An interesting solution in the bedroom will be wallpaper, sticking to the head of the bed and smoothly moving to the ceiling.

Picture Credit: J4U