Gorgeous Indoor House Plants

Gorgeous Indoor House PlantsEach flower has its own energy, and its presence in the house can affect our life and drastically change it.

Many indoor plants really have a very powerful energy. They are able to attract happiness, well-being, love to the family, and give what is called female happiness.


This flower will help make the marriage prosperous. With this plant in your home, peace, harmony and happiness will reign. In many countries, this shrub is often presented to the newlyweds at a wedding.


The people of this flower has a romantic name – “tree of love”. The plant contributes to the revival of cooled relations, the return of passion and bright emotions. Therefore, if you have a discord in your family, be sure to buy an airdrop.

Dwarf Pomegranate

This small tree contributes to trusting eternal love. The flower is a symbol of family happiness, where there is a harmonious relationship, healthy children, material well-being. In a house where there is a dwarf pomegranate, healthy and happy children are born.


Beautiful violet is recommended to “settle” in the house of the newlyweds. She has a favorable energy and is considered a symbol of eternal love. Violet promotes family well-being, reduces quarrels and conflicts. White flowers of violet promote mutual understanding between spouses, and violet – to creative development.

Hoya kerrii

Flower Hoya kerrii – a symbol of fusion of female and male energy. He even leaves have a heart shape. With proper care, this houseplant will be accompanied by family happiness. Place Hoya kerrii near the window facing south. The flower loves the sun very much.


Spathiphyllum or as it is also called “Women’s happiness” is the perfect assistant in bringing a man into the house. But for young couples who wish to have a child, this flower can help achieve the desired. Spathiphyllum is easy to maintain. The flower loves penumbra and warm. In order to avoid burns in the bright sun it is better not to put it.

Picture Credit: Nicholas_Demetriades