Change Management: Tips for Success

Change Management: Tips for Success1 Change the setting
The change is hard, but worth it. People who have managed to change can tell how their lives have changed and improved. They will tell what they have achieved (what they couldn’t dream of before), and also about how they feel (about feelings that they didn’t dare to experience before).

Has the installation changed all their problems? Not. But thanks to the installation on growth, we will have a completely different life – much richer and richer. We will become more alive, courageous and open – again thanks to her.

It’s up to you whether you need such changes now. Maybe yes, maybe not. But in any case, never forget about the existence of the installation on the growth. And then one day, faced with the next obstacles, you may refer to it. She will be waiting for you, pointing the way to the future.

2 Listen to yourself
To live a full life, you need to do what you love. And the object of love cannot be chosen, it can only be found. What draws us to our beloved work? Where does this traction come from? Everything leads to one answer: attraction is caused by your own hidden gift. We are attracted to the actions and activities that we succeed best of all. Probably, mother nature thinks: if everyone does what they are predisposed to, it will help him and all of humanity to survive. Probably because we like success and satisfaction so much. Nature has taken care that we strive in every way for these pleasant sensations.

Look around: how few around people who are engaged in a truly beloved work – that which brings joy, is well given, causes pride. And now look at how many people are busy with work that they don’t like at all – they do it through power, feeling that there is nothing to be proud of. For your own sake and for the sake of the whole world – follow your vocation. Question one – where will it lead you? And the second – when will you go on the road?

3 Live
We must live here and now, although many hang out between the past and the future. The past is left behind, the future has not yet come, there is only today. A well-lived day is a miracle that brings a beautiful past and a promising future. When we focus on the current moment, life seems to be prosperous. Days become full.

Attitude to time, as to “what we have,” does not help, but forces it to postpone and hinders the process of acting productively. Much more useful to learn to live here and now. Every morning we initiate a new day, clarify its objectives, encourage and motivate ourselves, determine priorities and synchronize the present day. “What can I do today?” We ask ourselves. The answer comes in the form of a feasible task.

4 Do not regret
Being at a crossroads and choosing what we want, we seem to be standing on one side of the Grand Canyon, trying to figure out how to move to another. In such a situation, it is easy to feel depressed and trapped. Here the following is important: none of what you have done in the past should be thrown into the basket, everything can become the foundation for your qualitatively new future. If you constantly remind yourself of this, you can move to the other side of the canyon – go from the past to the future.

A lot of energy is spent on confronting reality — to complain, deny, cry out to the heavens, or just try to escape from what is happening. “Build a bridge to the future on the pillars of the past,” – this phrase belongs to the famous Buddhist enlightener Achan Chah from Thailand. It is designed to help us accept the changes in life, and not fight them.

5 Evolve
Continue to practice self-improvement. This will provide you a decent job until the end of life. Do not waste your life thinking about problems. Be smarter. Remember that your mind is smarter than you think, and all the time makes your “I” believe that you are better than you really are. That’s the way a person is. It is important to remember: if you want, you can consciously manage your intentions and attention so as to make your life and the lives of your loved ones better. You can instill a habit of success in order to make your life more productive and interesting.

6 Wake up
Get up in the morning in a bad mood – and you can say goodbye to thoughts about a successful life. How you start any business depends on how successful it is. This also applies to the beginning of each day. Everyone is familiar with the expression “get up on the wrong foot.” If not literally, then in a figurative sense, these words are one hundred percent true.

Whatever you do, failure is always possible. But there is a wise saying attributed to Aristotle: “A good start is half the battle.” Whatever the discussion about work, cooking dinner, or playing sports, a good start helps to get it started. To start a stalled engine, a car needs a good push – the same impulse gives any business its beginning.

7 Learn
Life is an eternal university: all your affairs and everything that happens to you always teaches something, gives rise to new ideas, makes something to understand and draw conclusions. Perhaps you tend to forget or not to notice what went wrong. Do not do this – the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and painful experience is priceless. From the worst moments of life you can learn the best lessons.

Learning new in itself is a form of success – you expand and deepen knowledge, you become wiser. Try to treat tedious, boring or primitive tasks as an opportunity to learn something else. Even when the work is easy and monotonous, do not turn off the process, do not switch to autopilot just because you have already done it many times.

8 Pamper yourself
Are you tired? To start the engine again, you need to pamper yourself with something luxurious. Real luxury may differ from our perception of it and does not have to be something expensive. For example, raspberry, perfume or scented candles. Another form of luxury is the luxury of time spent wisely. Prejudice, old habits make it difficult to get creative. One of the best ways to overcome them is to allow yourself to enjoy the little excesses. It is simple and at the same time effective, and sometimes also inspiring. To reduce resistance, you will have to honestly answer the question: “What really brings me joy?”

No matter what form true luxury takes, it is thanks to her that our creative beginning is reborn. We are visited by fresh bright ideas. New and innovative thinking styles are becoming available to us. The inner artist gratefully responds to the rare instances of indulging his whims. Instead of mindlessly pushing him forward, it is better to think about small concessions for him, thanks to which we will immediately get back on track. Remember that treating yourself as a precious object makes us strong.

9 Get down to business
Fill in the calendar with the start date of the action – no later than three days. Why three? Because you will need two for fear and rebellion. Do not be afraid of negative reactions. Complain to all your friends. Pour out the soul on paper. Take a look at the calendar, and then look around. Wall further, but the calendar, here is the apartment, where it’s time to rake up the trash, free up time and place to work. Long live the negative! Nature has put negative emotions in us so that we can relieve tension. So do not hesitate – use them! But on the third day, get down to business.

No need to empty your bank account and quit right now. Start with small steps that slowly lead to a dream. You will not get so much out of the way. And no need to wait for the perfect moment. You have already spent a lot of time and a lot of energy pondering and planning a new, beautiful life. No more need, it will not help. Now only action will give additional knowledge and understanding. Happy people go a long, winding path before they find happiness. And then look forward to new discoveries. New, better life has already begun.

Picture Credit: TeroVesalainen