8 Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

8 Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to AvoidHaving started repairs in the kitchen, you need to be prepared for the pitfalls in the process of arranging the space of the most functional room in the house.

The kitchen is home appliances, constantly interacts with water objects and high temperatures. Kitchen surfaces should be durable and of high quality, and functional areas – divided and organized conveniently and compactly.

Choosing a refrigerator, an oven, and stylish cutlery racks are not the most important steps in a kitchen. After all, the best cuisine is not the brightest and most modern, but the one on which it is convenient to cook. Therefore, it is important to consider the details of the ergonomics of the kitchen space.

Mistake #1: incorrect zoning of space

The zoning of space in the kitchen is not carried out for reasons of style and aesthetics, but of comfort and convenience of operation. Improperly arranged furniture, kitchen utensils and lighting objects aggravate the space.

Solution: objectively correct and convenient for further use zoning the kitchen looks like this: sink and stove – working surfaces.

The distance between the sink and stove should be 60-100 cm (at least).

The stove can not be placed near the refrigerator so that it does not break due to overheating.

It is necessary to equip an additional free surface intended for serving, cooling hot dishes taken out of the oven and filling glasses.

Mistake #2: not enough bright lighting

The kitchen is not a study, so strict cold lighting and pendant lamps with fluorescent lamps are not necessary here. But dim light is not enough for kitchen troubles.

Solution: convenient kitchen lighting looks like this:

  • on the ceiling hanging lamp with a light shade;
  • above the wall cabinets – spotlights;
  • hang spotlights along the work surface and above the dining table.

Mistake #3: excess or lack of household appliances and kitchen gadgets

A common problem is the lack of work surfaces, kitchen gadgets and dishes. In the process of cooking and serving the table, it is important that all the necessary things and accessories are at hand.

Solution: ergonomic placement of kitchen appliances – built-in kitchen gadgets that do not need to be moved. For example, a microwave, dishwasher, freezer is a technique that does not change its location in the kitchen.

But the location of the coffee machine, multi-cooker, juicer, breadmaker, mixer, meat grinder may vary depending on the need and where they are used.

Mistake #4: the wrong location of kitchen appliances

Often, despite the compact placement of kitchen appliances, it is inconvenient to use. This happens if the furniture and appliances are located at an unsuitable height – higher or lower than the level convenient for the person.

Solution: the oven, dishwasher and coffee machine should be placed at the waist level, based on the average height of the people living in the apartment.

Mistake #5: insufficient number of outlets

It happens, you urgently need to recharge your smartphone or tablet, turn on the juicer, coffee machine and blender at the same time. Therefore, in the kitchen, you must have three or more outlets.

Solution: you need to equip outlets specifically for the refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave oven, electric kettle and multicooker. In the kitchen, sockets are not superfluous.

The second part of the list of errors in the repair of the kitchen does not consist of such categorical shortcomings as the first. Items 6-10 are undesirable elements of interior and decor for comfortable use of the kitchen.

Mistake #6: marble table

One of the most inconvenient to use tables are samples with marble or stone countertops. A saucer with a dessert, a wooden cutting board and a light fragile glass can easily slide off of them.

Solution: work surfaces in the kitchen should be practical and comfortable to use. From the table, made of natural, artificial wood or plastic cutlery is more difficult to slip and fall.

Mistake #7: curly knobs kitchen furniture

Exquisite door and furniture handles interfere, if they run into the wall when opening the lockers.

In a small kitchen, frequent painful “intersections” with curly handles are provided.

Solution: concise simple furniture handles or lack thereof. In modern furniture, the protruding handles are not provided. Their function is performed by mini-niches and recesses in the doors and drawers.

Mistake #8: lack of space for kitchen appliances

Proper ergonomics of space in the kitchen is the ability to adapt workplaces, objects and objects so as to provide a safe environment for effective work.

Often in the process of repair in the kitchen, apartment owners refuse to buy household appliances due to the lack of free space for its placement.

Putting a mixer, food processor, slow cooker, waffle iron and bread maker in a row along the window sill is a bad decision.

Solution: built-in kitchen appliances or pieces of furniture placed one above the other.

Picture Credit: PIRO4D