7 Secrets for Happy Housekeeping

7 Secrets for Happy HousekeepingOn how to become a good hostess, we will share with you a practical instruction. Try to apply some simple rules, and all of you will definitely succeed.

1. Together you are a force
Modern men have nothing to do with the brutal hard workers claiming from the couch “The hostess’s place – at the stove”. Your husband, future or freshly baked, is actually a reasonable person. He perfectly understands that your main work is not easier than shock everyday life at the kitchen stove.

Talk to him and distribute household duties, and if he has an innate fighter for justice, do the work in turn. It will be wonderful if you decide to do everything together. So it will be easier and faster, the husband will become more attentive, and your young family – only stronger.

2. Get comfortable assistants
It is better to shell out one time for a good home appliances than to spend time cleaning and cooking every day. After all, you steal minutes and hours not only at home, but also at the family, gradually moving away from your loved ones. Let functional machines work for you, and at that time you can just stay with your husband. And the house is clean, and you have complete harmony in the relationship.

3. Men need to be fed
And not just to feed – but nourishing and tasty. Well, they do not agree with the use of a light salad, if juicy meat does not come with it. On yogurt in the morning, too, agree only the first week after the wedding, and then surreptitiously run to fry eggs. Accept it, humble yourself, and start feeding your husband. If you are a beginner mistress and just learn how to cook, master simple everyday dishes. Exotics leave for the festive table – the usual side dish and cutlets you will start to get faster.

Modern kitchen appliances are so clever and functional that it does not occur to the husband that you are a bad housewife and do not know how to cook at all.

4. The house is made up of small things
The apartment is cleaned, the husband is fed and the dishes are already washed without the participation of the landlady, and the feeling of satisfaction does not come? Just a practical part of the course how to become a good housewife is not all wisdom. You need to learn how to create an atmosphere of coziness in the house, and this is more delicate work.

Start with the “domestication” of the interior. Let your house have trinkets, designer accessories or flowers in pots. The main thing is to make it clear: people live here. Just do not litter the apartment with a bunch of little things, otherwise they will start to survive you with your husband from your own house.

5. Do not forget to be lazy
Occasionally and exclusively for preventive purposes. It’s not for nothing that folk wisdom says: “What the mistress does about the house, it’s clear when she does not do it.” Give the husband the opportunity to see what the dwelling becomes without your intervention.

It will do you good too. “Leave” for a day will allow you to relax and not get stuck in everyday life: to brush up a haircut, to meet a friend, in general, to feel like a woman, and not just a housewife. And the next day, when you again bring gloss, you are waiting for pleasant moments of admiration for a refreshed apartment.

6. Count the money
At any level of income, your task as a mistress is to manage them wisely. Correlate your expenses and plans with the real financial situation in the family. And even if your husband is the owner of a home bank, you must answer the question responsibly yourself, how much and what you can spend on it. He will appreciate it and will be proud of you, listening to the complaints of friends for less economical wives.

If you yourself are mistress of the home budget, you will have to make friends with mathematics and interest. So you can withstand the optimal ratio of income and expenses. Many advise to plan spending in the amount of 80% of the money coming into the family. But when this amount is not enough even for a modest life, it is better to increase it to 90%. Leave the balance for unforeseen expenses. This will give an opportunity to use a large amount when it really will be needed.

7. Make lists and plans
Plan not only the home budget, but also your time. So you will become accustomed to self-organization, and the establishment of everyday life will go easier. Start a paper notebook or organizer on your phone or tablet, draw up a business algorithm and start following it. Let in your daily routine there will be not only domestic chores, but also time for friends, husband, entertainment.

Cope earlier? Praise yourself either verbally or in writing and do what your heart desires. After all, the main secret of how to become a good housewife is to work with pleasure and without unnecessary strain.

8. Watch Yourself
Even if you do not plan to be lazy, this is not a reason not to look in the mirror and meet your husband in disheveled form. A good housewife and house should look so that it was not clear: she just came or is already leaving?

Bring yourself in order a lot of time is not necessary. Let it be a simple, but neat hairstyle, well-groomed nails and light make-up. And carry, at last, a dressing gown back in a bathroom – to him there the place. Put on more comfortable and neat clothes: a shirt with jeans, a t-shirt with shorts or a homemade dress. And passing by the mirror, smile at your reflection. They say that to see a good housewife is to a happy family life.

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