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City Wide BC Environmental Cleaning offers a variety of maintenance and power washing services for parking lots, parkades, office buildings & more.

At City Wide BC, we redefine the concept of maintenance, ensuring that every project receives the utmost attention and care it deserves. Our extensive range of services caters to a wide array of locations, including parkades and city halls, across Vancouver and its surrounding areas. Our commitment to quality and professionalism is unwavering, making us the ideal choice for all your maintenance needs. Whether it's enhancing the safety and aesthetics of your parking area or maintaining the pristine appearance of your city hall, we've got you covered. When you choose us, you're choosing a dedicated team that understands the unique requirements of line painting in Vancouver. We take pride in our ability to transform spaces with precision and efficiency, ensuring that every line is crisp and clear, enhancing both functionality and visual appeal. Experience maintenance like never before with City Wide BC – where quality, reliability, and professionalism converge to create lasting impressions.

Our Services:
Parking Lot Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Power Sweeping, Hydro Jetting, Vacuum Trucks, Sump Pump, Catch Basin, Parkade Products & Installation, Floor Sealing, Litter Pick-Up, Parkade Painting, Concrete Repair (Epoxy repair for concrete), Graffiti Removal

(604) 836-5156
PO Box 422 Surrey Station Main
V3T 5B6

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